27 Things I Have Learned…

I actually got this idea from a wonderful lady I know. If you aren’t following Laurie at Backwoods Buffalo you need to be! She is just amazing, it is so inspiring to see somebody having discovered their life’s purpose so early.

So in celebration of my birthday here are 27 things I have learned in the past 27 years:

  1. Always take your make up off – I used to be so horrible at this! More nights than I care to admit I would go to bed without taking my make up off, roll out of bed the next morning and usually just apply more. My post baby skin cringes at the thought of not following my now twice a day skin routine
  2. Never underestimate the power of a compliment – a sincere compliment that is. You could change someones entire day just by issuing them a kind word and a smile.
  3. Pay it forward – my two favorite ways are paying for the order of someone behind me at the drive thru or donating our weekly bottle recycling money to the local high school football team
  4. Call your mom – (or Dad) as often as you can. They put so much time and effort into raising you the least you can do is let them know you are thinkning of them!
  5. Read more books – you never know what there is to be learned from a piece of reading material. I once helped a lawyer draft a killer closing argument based on a quote from a blog post I read earlier that morning that had been shared on Facebook of all places
  6. Pay down your debt – principal payments are key! #debtfreeby30
  7. Count your blessings – chances are your blessings are endless, this is always an instant source of positive outlook
  8. Check in with those that check in with you – if they care enough to take time out of their day to see how you are doing the least you can do is the same
  9. Trust actions – words are words no matter how pretty they sound
  10. Eat your vegetables – nutrition is key no matter what your health or fitness goals may be
  11. Drink more water – your skin will thank you
  12. Get an adequate amount of sleep – those around you will thank you haha
  13. Garden – get your hands dirty, take comfort in knowing where your food comes from
  14. Take all the pictures – capture as many memories as you can to remind you of the abundance of happiness in your life
  15. Find a hobby – do that hobby as often as you can to make yourself happy
  16. Get as many cuddles in as you can – especially with little ones because they do not stay little long!
  17. Celebrate the small things – your kiddo acing their spelling test. having a productive week at work, keeping on track with a goal, anything you are happy or proud of yourself for doing
  18. Keep a couple of killer recipes stashed – last minute dinner ideas, holiday party favorite, bake sale idea, something to wow your new significant other, whatever it may be just be sure to have a couple dynamite ones saved for those kitchen emergencies!
  19. Learn to iron – even though I despise doing it I still find it to be a valuable skill that I can break out if need be
  20. If someone asks for your opinion be honest – this is not a free pass to be rude but definitely tell the truth
  21. Make your inner voice a positive one  – you will accomplish so much more with a positive outlook on life!
  22. Keep your promises – the big and the little, be reliable
  23. Pick your battles – not everything is a competition and you do not always have to win
  24. You can never have too many credentials – life long learning will always benefit you
  25. Always have a strong handshake – it surprises everyone and they will instantly take you more seriously
  26. Choose forgiveness – holding on to grudges and resentment only negatively impacts you not them


  27. Life is about the journey – I used to always be focused on where I was going. So much that I began to realize I was missing the journey that was taking me there. Pump the brakes, slow down and enjoy every step of the way.

Here’s to 27 years. I may be older but am still working on the wiser! Much love.



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