Tomato: Tips & Tricks

Let me start off by saying my Grandmother is the ultimate gardener. She can grow anything, anywhere. Constantly, I find myself seeking her wisdom and advice concerning all things green and growing.

The last time I was up visiting she reminded me I needed to get a start on my tomato plants. This is hilarious to me because last year our attempt at growing tomatoes was nothing short of a fiasco. My Grandfather (who also has quite the green thumb!) showed some pity and gifted me two tomato plants. They went on to do quite well and even weathered not one but TWO insane hail storms.

Desperate to have a successful tomato attempt I asked her for all her insider tips and tricks. She gave me an awesome one I would have never thought of on my own in a million years!

She told me to save the plastic container you get when you buy strawberries. Since we go through about 3 tonnes of strawberries a week this was a simple feat.

Next step, line the bottom of the container with paper towel to help keep your plants adequately watered but now drowning.

I then took those compostable seedling cups and planted my tomato seeds, placed them into the container and shut the lid. Voila! Instant mini greenhouse.

It gets even better if you can believe it! She advised me to place said mini greenhouse on top of the fridge because it is warm and will aid in the growing effect. So my tomato seeds sit on the kitchen windowsill during the warm, sunny hours of the day and then are transferred to the top of the fridge come evening time.

Keep following along to see if this attempt at tomato growing will be a success or if I will have to rely on my Grandfather’s generosity yet again!



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