Some Local Love

We always make a strong attempt to shop local, especially since the opening of Ry’s newest business venture!

Our goal as a family is to put our money back into the local economy as often as we can. Recently in my travels I stumbled across an Instagram page called I Love Okotoks. I had to follow them because I was discovering so many amazing businesses that I had no idea existed!

Another visit to IG revealed one of the lady’s I follow (Jody) is doing a challenge called 150 Cups of Coffee. She has a cup of coffee with a new person every day in an attempt to get to know them. This led me to an idea of my own. Why not combine the ideas of #shoplocal and #150cupsofcoffee?!

Boom. So here is the beginning of what I am hoping will turn into a weekly edition of Local Love. I am drafting a list of potential features and suggestions are most welcome! I am so excited to share my first feature with you starting next week 🙂

Until then,


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