House Husband Funnies [3]

Dinner time has to be one of my absolute favorites. It gives me a chance to destress and really enjoy my family.

We trade stories about our days, what made us happy and what we would like to see change.

A few nights ago the topic of the table switched to: “what can our next pet be?”.

Our children were quickly pointed in the, “we-don’t-have-time-for-pets-right-now” direction.

E-man (who is 8 and brimming with questions) was quick to point out that goldfish do not require a lot of time or attention. We were equally as quick to point out that the last time he had a fish it was gone for 5 days before he even noticed it’s absence.

This led us to Mom’s useless fact of the evening about some domestic goldfish being flushed and released into a foreign ecosystem which they quickly took over and ruined.

Ryan then begins to tell the kids this story:

“I heard that once a fish was flushed down the toilet and made it all the way to the ocean!”

I looked up from the dishwasher and in between hysterical laughs told him that was the plot synopsis for Finding Nemo! (He was serious I might add haha).

Never a dull moment. Remember people, marry someone who never ceases to make you laugh!



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