Sunday Vibes [2]

I figured it was time for another edition of Sunday Vibes!

The last few weeks have been nothing short of amazing. Ry is just the most incredible partner and we seem to be growing as a couple more and more.

The other day I was sitting and thinking about what qualities seem to draw me to Ryan and appeal to me the most. One of my favorites is he is so attentive. He always makes sure that those around him are happy and satisfied.

When he focuses that attention on me I just flourish as a partner and want to “repay” him by making him happy. I had then stumbled upon Philippians 2:3-4:

“Do  nothing from selfishness or empty conceit,
but with humility of mind regard one another
as more important than yourselves;
do not merely look out for your own personal interests,
but also for the interests of others.” 

When I read this all I could think was “WOW, this hit the nail absolutely on the head!”.

I am most fulfilled not by receiving all the attention from Ry (don’t get me wrong I ADORE it) but I find I am happiest when I am returning the attention and “taking care” of his needs and interests as a partner. When I know he is happy I am just brimming with contentment.

This was such a good reminder that when I am feeling less than or feel as though I am not 100% honest to goodness happy I take a look at what I have done lately. Have I been overly demanding or selfish? The answer is usually yes, nobody wants to love somebody who is demanding it, they want to love someone who deserves it.

Let this be my indication to always “check myself” and my level of humility and to always put serving others before myself so that I can be truly content with my life.

When are you happiest in your life or marriage?



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