Favorite Childhood Memory

Since I am on a big fatherly memories kick it seemed suiting to follow up my last post with this one.

For those of you who do not know me well I provide you with this disclaimer: I am an absolute Daddy’s girl. He is my King and I absolutely adore him to pieces. Ryan sure had big shoes to fill coming into my life 😉

My mother (who is also one of my absolute favorite people!) reminded me of this story the other day when we were discussing memories that may play a role in the upcoming wedding.

I was about 4 and it was just after Christmas time. As a gift that year I had received a Barbie barn. Over the moon excited! I played with that thing for hours on end. It had a teeny-tiny wheelbarrow and pitchfork among a million other accessories.

A key part to this tale is that my Dad is the lover of all gross cereals, Raisin Bran, cream of wheat, shredded wheat….yuck haha. Let’s focus on that last item: Shredded Wheat. It used to come wrapped individudally in white plastic and my father used to call them “hay bales”. I think you may be connecting the dots here haha

One day I am playing with my fabulous new barn and all my toy ponies and I have a *lightbulb* idea. My horses are hungry, they need a hay bale! Out I go into the kitchen and begin digging through the cupboards. My father was reading in the living room which, in that particular house, could see into the kitchen. With annoyance he asked me what I was doing. In my child like innocence I told him the truth, “I need a hay bale for my horses!”.

Much to my despair he declined my wishes. Despair was immediately replaced with hysterics. How could my father be so cruel and so heartless as to deny me my wish?

Fast forward twenty some years and with 2 children of my own I look back and just laugh out loud. No parent wants to be vacuuming crunched up shredded wheat out of the carpet in their child’s room, not even for all the crocodile tears in the world!

Thank you Daddy for teaching me the tough love and that the world doesn’t always grant you your wishes, for a very good reason!



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