Do Weddings = Marriage?

Earlier this week a funny post came onto my newsfeed.


Naturally with the upcoming nuptials I tagged Ry in it, and we had a good chuckle….until we began reading some of the comments.

Surprisingly the majority of them were negative. Curiosity got the better of me and I read a lot of them. No wonder this generation is so skeptical on the sanctity of marriage. It is viewed as such a negative sentence.

Ry drops me off at work every morning and this always gives us a good opportunity to talk. We chose to discuss this particular incident. Why do people have their current views on marriage? What changed from our parents generation to ours?

This steam rolled into what views we have on our upcoming wedding and future marriage.

One thing Ry brings up a lot is: cost. Not from a usual stand point. This is also something we strongly agree on. Weddings in this day and age are an overpriced production for ONE day. Sure it is to be one of the most important days of your life but is that importance supposed to stretch you beyond your means?

The two things we agreed to spend adequate money on to ensure we had the quality we deserved were: our weddings rings and our  photographs. The two things that, after the big production is said and done, will be the only to last.

Our wedding will be one of the most important days of our lives, because we will be uniting our families officially and declaring our love and intentions to each other in front of God.

I don’t want to set the tone of my marriage with a lavish, overly priced production that will set our long term goals back a year, or even two. I would marry the man I love in a dress I already own at the local courthouse if it meant declaring my love and intention to him forever in front of God and witnesses.

Circling back to the initial issue, why do people have this sour taste in their mouth over marriage? Is it such a horrible thought to commit yourself to someone forever? Horrible enough to declare your disgust directed at others who have chosen this path?

This particular incident has made me decide to pursue and nurture relationships with other couples who are rocking their marriages so we can continue to learn and grow as a couple for a long future ahead. I told Ry early on that if we decided to get married I would be sticking it out for the long run, I would not entertain the idea of a divorce. This also ensures that I bring my full effort to the table each and every day and to bring intention to our marriage.

If more people thought that way, maybe there would be a more positive view on marriages and the long term commitment that they require.

What are your views on weddings and marriages?



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