3 Online Friends….

…That I Wish I Could Meet In Person!

This prompt popped up on my Pinterest and I was instantly overwhelmed with excitement….until I realized I would have to narrow it down to just 3.

It took a little bit of doing, as well as a few Pros/Cons lists but here are the final contenders (in no particular order). All 3 of these lovely ladies I follow on  Instagram and appeal to different aspects of my life.

Jessie James Decker

Okay this lady does it all! She is a fashion designer for Kittenish, a singer and song writer, amazing cook, loves Jesus and her husband and has two of the cutest little kiddos you could ever lay eyes on! Her page definitely speaks to the family aspect of my life. Seeing her love on her husband and littles always makes my heart warm and full for my own family. If I could meet her I would definitely be begging for some recipe cards and a hairstyle tutorial.

Kenna Shell

This lady is an absolute BEAST! She started her journey at 210 pounds and let nothing stop her. She is insanely motivating as well. Whenever I try to give myself excuses before or during a workout I will bring up her Instagram page and think “If Kenna can do what she did I can get a workout in!”. Her page definitely appeals to the fitness freak in me. Plus all her non-picture posts paint her as hilarious so I know if I ever met her we would get along so well!

Randa Yezak

Okay this lady is HILARIOUS and so stylish. She is also (not unlike me!) getting hitched this year. She owns the Southern Jewlz boutique in College Station, Texas (excuse to travel coming up? I think so!) and is a lover of all things pink. This lady definitely gave me some inspiration for my upcoming bachelorette party and if I ever got to meet her all I would say is “STYLE ME PRETTY!”.

Who are 3 online friends you would love to meet one day and why?



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