House Husband Funnies [3]


Recently Ry had the opportunity to switch careers so he took the leap of faith. His old job just was not fulfilling him in the manner he had hoped. He needed someway to use his ambition and drive in a way that would directly benefit him so I am over the moon happy he chose the route he did.

As he was driving me home from work he is talking about how relieved he was with the recent choices he had made and how “free” he finally felt. He then served me up with this beauty analogy:

“I feel so free! Like I’m breaking the strings off and saying “Goodbye forever Geppetto!!!!” 

Insert the side splitting laughter that ensued and my surprise that he even knew who Geppetto was as his Disney knowledge is rusty at best.

Ladies if you ever have the chance to marry a man who makes you laugh so hard your sides ache and your eyes water, do it. Every laugh just pushes you deeper into love and you will never be bored a day in your life.



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