Special Announcement

As I sit down and reflect on the last couple weeks it has been an absolute whirlwind, but I have loved every second of it!

December 22, 2016 I finished the longest, hardest week of my career thus far. Without going into too much detail I just felt defeated. Ry picked me up from work and he could tell I was just absolutely done. “I will pour you some wine when we get home and it is Christmas tonight!!” words that could melt even the coldest of hearts!!

Normally when I get home I change from my dress clothes into leggings (guilty pleasure), this particular night however he kept intercepting me and asking me to do things like set plates on the table or put the finishing touches on an item for dinner. Finally he says “Oh just sit down you can change after dinner.”


We enjoyed a wonderful meal and the kids were absolutely bursting with anticipation to open presents. *Note we had 4 Christmases to attend this year so we did our own little family’s a couple days early.

Cue the ripping of paper and the shrieks of excitement and our present opening was underway. We had been snapping pictures and taking videos of everything. At one point my mini was tired and cranky so Ry offered to put her down for a nap. He called out when he was going up the stairs that I needed to open the red bag when he got back down. E-man had his phone on record and I began to open the bag. Ry seemed antsy and I remember thinking he must be really excited about this gift.

I finally get the tape off of the top and open the bag to reveal it is stuffed full of “Happy Birthday” wrapping paper. Giggling to myself about his wrapping choices I begin to dig. Revealed in the bottom is a bottle of Coke. This wasn’t unusual to me as he sometimes buys me ones with funny or weird sayings on them. I pull out the bottle and flip it over and it says “Marry Me” on it. After taking a second or two to absorb what I am reading I look up and he is on one knee with a smile I have never seen before and now realize must have been pure nerves and he says “Will you marry me?”.

I have to tell you I almost died from being so overwhelmingly happy. The video we captured is so incredibly touching and a little embarrassing from all the sobbing I am doing.


Even after a couple weeks it feels so surreal to be engaged to the love of my life and getting to call him “Fiance”.

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Ring: http://www.michaelhill.ca/


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