5 Guilty Pleasures

I came across this prompt and thought, “what fun!” but in reality it made me realize how many things I do enjoy haha. So after some careful thought and consideration here are my favorite 5 guilty pleasures!!

5. Chapstick

Sounds like a funny one but this is something I cannot absolutely not live without. I carry at least 2 in my purse and every area of the house or office I frequent has one tucked away somewhere for me. I think I even got 3 new tubes in my Christmas stocking!

4. Lulu Lemon Leggings

I consider myself to be frugal, which is very nice way of stating that I am extremely cheap haha I usually only buy clothes when they are on sale and even then it needs to be a killer deal! Except when it comes to Lulu, I LOVE my leggings, all styles, I just adore how they feel and look on. Even at $140 a pair haha

3. Vietnamese Food

If I ever crave food 9 times out of 10 it will be Vietnamese and I don’t just order one dish its usually 2 or 3 at a time. Enough to make them ask “how many chopsticks?” and have them seem surprised when I say only one. Lemongrass chicken, pho, salad rolls…I love it all! (**Pho Hoai is my absolute favorite)

2. Wine

Love, love, love! I will have to follow up this post with one about my favourites. Red, white, sparkling, I don’t discriminate! Ry bought me a wine rack last summer and he always makes sure it is stocked. This is one of the many things that I adore about him! Be sure to marry somebody who knows all your favorite wines and buys a bottle on the way home from work to surprise you!

1. Bubble Baths!!

Shocking I know haha such a basic girl love. I take at least 3 hot bubble baths a week. I love to read and drink wine while unwinding from my day. Our next home definitely needs a jacuzzi in the master suite.

What are some of your favorite guilty pleasures??



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