House Husband Funnies [2]

Any avocado fans out there?

If you are like me and LOVE avocado then you are aware of the struggle to pick a perfectly ripe one from the produce section. I decided post Christmas it is time to get back onto the workout and healthy eating train.

So off I go to the store and lucked out so greatly that I found a PERFECTLY ripe avocado. I was so excited and began planning a super yummy and healthy dinner for the following evening. I unpacked groceries and put that gorgeous green gem into the fruit bowl.

The next day progressed as usual, there was the morning chaos rush to get ready and out the door. Ry decided he would work from home and keep E-man with him. I dropped the mini off at daycare and went into work. At lunch time I returned home and made something to eat. Now this is where it gets fun, I do not know what caused me to look twice but I did, at the fruit bowl and noticed something was different. There was a gorgeous green gem missing. Knowing that Ry has a tendency to rearrange things I decided to look in the vegetable crisper on the chance he may have moved it there. Negative. Naturally the next place I looked was the trash bin, lo and behold there was the remnants of my perfectly ripe gem of an avocado.

The next few seconds a wave of emotions enveloped me. Anger, sadness and envy. Cue Ry coming up the stairs to join me for lunch. So I casually ask him: “Do you know where the avocado went that I bought last night?” Without turning around he says “I ate it and it was soooooo good!”

At this point he turns around and I say “That was for dinner! It was mine!” to which he replies “You picked the most perfectly ripe one! I think it was the best I’ve ever had!”. I couldn’t contain myself any longer and burst out laughing.

Fast forward to this morning and I am getting ready in the bathroom and he comes in to give me a kiss. I asked what I did to deserve that and he says: “For being so forgiving about the avocado. It was sooooo good”.

What did I do to deserve such a truly hilarious and loving man? From now on I will learn to hide my perfectly ripe avocados haha.



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