The Walnut Wars

Being home for Christmas just brings a flood of contentment and good memories. Ones that always make me smile and laugh.

One of my favorites I have dubbed The Walnut Wars.

Around the time I was about 9 I started cooking and baking. One of my favorite things to make were brownies. This is where the war starts. My Dad is a strong believer of putting chopped walnuts in his brownies whereas I believe the crunch of the walnuts take away from the ooey gooey deliciousness that is chocolate heaven. So you were able to tell pretty quickly who had baked the latest batch of brownies after the first bite.

One time I was feeling pretty smart and after my Dad told me to put walnuts in the brownies I was mixing up I did….but only in a small section of the pan that I pushed them into and designated for him. He was less than amused.

The Walnut Wars also coexisted with The Salad Wars. Dad is a fan of tomatoes and a hater of cucumbers. I at the time was the polar opposite. Same as the brownies, you could tell who had made the salad for dinner based upon a quick glance into the bowl. It took years before we decided to mix the salad up but leave 2 little bowls of diced tomatoes and cucumbers on the side for one to mix in upon their leisure.

Looking back I laugh at how I must have driven my poor father insane. While I now eat tomatoes and cucumbers in my salad, I do not even have walnuts in my pantry. Old habits die hard and I guess I consider myself the winner of the wars 😉



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