House Husband Funnies

For those of you who are not aware Ry considers himself quite the comedian. His humor may not appeal to everyone but for me I tend to find him quite hilarious. Especially his quick witted responses. I decided I needed to document his funny moments to look back on when I need a good laugh.

Here is how this morning played out.

He had just purchased a new essential oils diffuser and decided to set it up before breakfast. This one not only mists the oils into the air it also has a color changing feature.

E-man comes downstairs for breakfast and notices our most recent addition to the household and says “that’s pretty neat, but why does it change color?”

Without missing a beat and I am talking he didn’t even have a chance to breathe he decides to reply with “It follows Amy-Moms moods”.

I was around the corner in the bathroom and all I could do was laugh. What a man to keep me on my toes all of the time.

Stay tuned for more of the funnies as they occur! Never a dull moment.



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