Supportive Spouses

Especially after days like today, I feel like all of the spouses out there that show their undying love and support each and every day need to be recognized. Since you are all still getting to know me I will provide you with a little background information.

When I met my other half I had just embarked onto a new and challenging path of taking full time schooling to acquire my paralegal diploma. I was 19 weeks into a 65 week program when Ryan had taken me on our first date.

Part of me thinks he had to have been just slightly crazy to take on dating a single mom and full time student with a despicable schedule. Every week that passed just made me appreciate him more and more.

He encouraged me, pushed me forward and cheered me on (especially the last 2 weeks of the program which were mentally exhausting). At times our relationship took a back seat to my education and he never once complained. Ryan praised me continually for trying to better myself and give my daughter the life she deserved.

When I found a practicum placement he was just as elated as I was, and when that placement hired me on full time, with no hesitation, he initiated a celebration.

Why I today of all days chose to point out his support is because today I walked across the stage and accepted my diploma at a graduation ceremony to an extremely audible cheer, one that could only come from him.

Days like today make me stop and think how truly lucky I am to have someone that takes the time and effort to make me know how much he stands behind me, each and every day.

If you, like I, are lucky enough, fortunate enough and blessed enough to have a supportive spouse make sure you take the time to give them a big thank you for all that they do. In their world it might not seem like that much effort, but they will be grateful to be appreciated.



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